SNJV (pronounced: SUN-JEEV), is an artist who dances, choreographs, acts, and serves. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, SNJV began dancing at a young age and performed at family functions and in various venues throughout his childhood. He credits Old Bollywood and the movement of humans for inspiring his unique style of high energy and expressive dance. While performing, he pursued education which lead him to earn a Bachelor of Arts from UC Merced in 2009 and a Masters of Education from the University of Vermont in 2010. He has balanced both a career in Education and a career in the Arts successfully for over a decade.

SNJV has spent time in Los Angeles and building up a body of work. He worked with various dance groups, drag queens, music video producers, and choreographers to expand his knowledge and skill set. He taught public and private classes at Studio A Dance in Silver Lake, where he would often share his solo dance pieces during their monthly choreographer showcase. He became recognized as a solo artist after curating his unique show entitled, "Smile: A Dance Installation," which told a story through dance, fashion, poetry, and song. He decided that the Bay Area needed him back and arrived on the scene in 2015. He jumped right into his mom and sisters' closets and was so inspired by their Indian fashion that he knew that the world was ready for some SNJV flavor. He hit the stages of San Francisco, performing item numbers in spaces that welcomed his energetic expression. He has performed at iconic shows such as Dick @ Nite, Ain’t Mama’s Drag, Monster Show, Mother Show, and so many others. He has choreographed and performed in several sold out runs of musicals with The Drag Experience at Piano Fight. He’s graced the main stages of Castro Street Fair, OAKLASH, SF Pride, PARIVAR, JAGAH//JADOO, Bootie SF, and many other iconic spaces. He produces spaces to affirm the humanity of those who are marginalized and seeks to help people connect to their breath with kindness and love.

SNJV creates provocative and attention grabbing stage moments. His performances tell stories through dance while providing the audience with a colorful explosion of energetic movement. He is dedicated to intertwining the performance into everyday life with messages of compassion and unconditional love embedded in every move. He is an enigma wrapped in a sari and so are his performances.